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Top 10 Reasons To Choose Remote Support




Nature of work Remote Support Physical Support /
Manual Support
1 Availability Instant Support Can be possible as per their time schedules.
For us 9.00Am to 6.00PM on all working days all sunday’s are holidays.
Takes time to reach clients location (some times may charge more, on distance basis) as per their work load and distance Remote Support is the best.
2 Security Security 100% guaranteed Depends upon person

Remote Support is the best. 

3 Spare parts safety 100% guaranteed no chance at all Depends upon person Remote Support is the best.
4 Problem Solving Skills If one of our member fail to recognize the problem, or unable to give the solution? team is always there to help them and fix in time. If he can’t understand the problem all your time will become waste. Remote Support is the best.
5 Charges All the charges are plan based, so no running out of budget (you can make as many calls as needed within stipulated plan period) Charges are based on no of visits, if you call them frequently they may charge as per call based. Remote Support is the best.
6 Speed of Service Instant (you just need internet and remote support software) As per their schedule

 Remote Support is the best.

7 Knowledge level Here you can get more than one person as per your difficulty level May or may not have team members to discuss. Remote Support is the best.
8 Usage of Softwares We use only licensed, authorized software’s with care and superior support from the software support team as per requirement. Most of the times they use pirated copies. Remote Support is the best.
9 Other mode of support Apart from regular remote support we will provide support via Email, phone also. No Guarantee Remote Support is the best.
10 Money Back Policy 7 Days from the date of purchase more info No such policy available in the market. Remote Support is the best.
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