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Self Care Pack

First time in India we are providing (Saas) Software as a Service, facilities for regular home users to corporate users to overcome their day to day problems such as corrupted applications, virus problems, Data loss, slow performance Data Recovery services etc., in a complete new way where they can handle all those issues with Self Care Pack on their own without any hurdles.

Support Cafe OS Recovery

What Is Self Care Pack

It is a combination of Support Cafe Windows Operating System Recovery and Data Recovery Software’s.

How OS Recovery works?

Support Cafe OS Recovery : After checking the system and fixing all the issues through remote support to our clients, we install Support Cafe OS Recovery Software in their device, it will take a snap shot of the healthy OS partition into another hidden partition or in other USB Drive/ External storage device. So later time if you loose your OS or in any emergency situations like corrupted drivers, applications and settings or accidental upgrades or updates caused any problems you can simply rollback all your system changes to previous healthy condition in 30 min approximately (time depends upon your system configuration).

Data Recovery

No more data loss problems, whether it is your pen drive or your Hard Disks IDE, SATA & SSD and external devices we are providing industry leading data recovery services for you at no extra cost within self care pack price.

Benefits of Self Care Pack

No More Formats

Say goodbye to frequent formats, just restore your computer/laptop from a saved healthy partition and ready to use in minutes.

Saves Tonnes Of Time

No more searching for drivers and application setup files all at once will be restored, Not hours within minutes restored and ready to use.

Data Recovery

No more Data loss problems, simply istall Data Recovery Software came in Self Care Pack and recover your data in no time.

No More Waiting For Service Engineers

After installing the OS Recovery software in the device you can restore it whenever you need it, no service charges, no waiting at all.

Pay Less Be Happy

We wont charge extra for Data recovery services all charges are included in Self Care Pack No need to pay monthly, like as a traditional AMC service charges, just pay once in a year.