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Frequently Asked Questions

Is internet necessary for using our services?

Yes, without Internet you can’t get complete support from us.

On how many systems I can use your services?

If you purchase for one PC/Laptop you have to use it on only one machine.
We will collect & update details regarding your machines identity after completing the purchase in our database, and after identification only we will provide our services everytime.

Do you really give 100% money back in 7 days without conditions?

Yes, within 7 days we will refund your money completely.

Do you have any bulk packages?

Please mail us your requirements / needs at info@supportcafe.in so we can configure our plans as per your needs.

Can I jump from one plan to other?

Yes you may jump (upgrade) from Lite to Basic to Prime but cannot (degrade) like Prime to Basic to Lite, you have to pay the balance amount of that particular plan. So, we upgrade your plan.

Do you collect my PC data?

We do record all the remote sessions performed by our team members, we do collect some information reagrding your device like device id, number etc., for identifing while providing services to you. We do collect some files when the system infected with viruses, we do collect some suspicious files as sample for submitting the Antivirus companies but it is purely optional if you don’t agree we don’t collect.

How can I get support from you?

It’s very simple whenever you need support just give us a missed call 07941055771, we will call back to you immediately from these numbers only 9346009741,42,43…….50 only.

How can I use your services?

Whenever you got trouble with your PC/Laptop just give us a missed call 07941055771 we are just a call far from you.

Can I use your services in my Home/Apartment / Colony / Office?

After purchasing the plan wherever you may be, just give a missed call 07941055771 for assistance we are just a call far from you.

Can i transfer my plan to other person along with my PC/Laptop?

Sorry for that, you can’t transfer unless it has more than 6 months validity.

What if I don't have internet after purchasing the plan how can I get support from you?

We are really sorry for that, without internet we can’t access your device, but we will provide the phone support and email support as usual. So its important to have the internet to get the complete support from us.

I got one more doubt not listed here?

We are really sorry for that please send us mail at info@supportcafe.in so we can clear your doubts & other issues.

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